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2023 - New Year - January - after Janus ...The month of looking both forward and backwards

  BROADWATH LOCAL HISTORY GROUP Broadwath in the early 1800s I recently found this map of Broadwath, I don’t know the date, but I think it is early 1800s. I have indicated in red the buildings I believe to be houses. These are - Whitegate / No.1 The Courtyard, which was when the map was produced, known as Broadwath Farm. This is probably the oldest house in the hamlet and the farm building would belong to Broadwath Farm. Broadwath House , now divided into Broadwath House and Old Broadwath House, an extension to the house now known as Cairn House had not been bui lt. Broadwath Cottage , this cottage was partly demolished to provide a new farm road around the back of Broadwath House. The gable end of the cottage shows the new brickwork constructed during the alterations. Broadwath Villa , probably occupied by Broadwath Farm’s farm manager. Three cottages in field 289, I was completely unaware of their existence. I can only assume that they were farm cottages rented out by the

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