Improvements to Cairn Beck at Cairn Bridge, Broadwath by Jim Prescott

During the the late summer of 2020 and spring of 2021, Graeme Kennedy and a small group of Broadwath’s residents have been carrying out improvement works to Cairn Beck, Cairn Bridge and the approach to Cairn Bridge.

The work has involved;

  • Exposing the stone retaining wall to the northern back, which was covered in vegetation. This has been a surprise to most residents and passers-by.

  • Pointing the stone walls either side of the bridge approach.

  • Replacing missing stonework, especially replacing the coping stone by the sluice gear.

  • The removal of vegetation and debris which had accumulated in the beck. As well as a large amount of vegetation and silt there was a tractor tyre, many plastic bottles, pieces of wood and general rubbish.

  • The removed material had been put into two large heaps, these were removed by a contractor using a wagon and grab. In all 35 tons of rubbish was removed.

The cost of employing a contractor to remove the rubbish was about £500, which it is hoped can be paid for by donations.

Late summer 2020

January 2021 - Not quite L'île de la Cité - but a flavour!


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