Broadwath Floods - 1967 by Jim Prescott

In 1967 following heavy rain a tree and several branches were washed down Cairn Beck,

resulting in the blocking of the road bridge. This caused flooding of the field on the east

side of the river. Soon the water in the field became so deep that it overflowed onto the

road and into what is now The Courtyard. At the time the farm buildings were used to

house pigs, there is a story of pigs standing on the window cills to escape the flooding.

The fire brigade was called and once the bridge was cleared the water drained away and

cleaning up could begin.

View of Cairn Bridge looking west towards Millbrook. Do you know the people (and the

pig) in the photo? Notice that a section of the wall in the background is much higher than

it is now. This was an old farm building believed to be where the water wheel was.

View of the farm building most affected by the floods. This is now The Courtyard.

Difficult to believe the water could be so deep. These photos show the importance of

keeping the bridge arches clear of debris.

View from Cairn Bridge, east to the crossroads. Who is the lady being help by the

firemen? Not a lot has changed, overhead GPO lines have gone.

If you know anyone in the old photos or any further information about the flood, please

let me know.

Jim Prescott (


On the 9 th September 1894, Carlisle area suffered a tremendous thunderstorm centered at Castle

Carrock. At Broadwath the River Cairn rose very rapidly and Platts Mill (what is now The

Dell), was flooded to a depth of several feet. At Heads Nook the water flowed down the road

like a river to knee-depth.


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