Telford's Bus Service from Broadwath to Carlisle (return)...

  People living in Heads Nook, Gt. Corby and Wetheral (Plains Road/Greenacres area) can now take the bus to Carlisle on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have longer in town. The reason is the three month closure of the Brampton to Alston road. With no viable alternative the bus route 680 is starting at Brampton instead of Alston and will continue to do so until June. 
Telford's Coaches believe that this will temporarily answer some of the criticism of the change to the service last year, when Reay’s route 95 was replaced, which resulted in a shorter time in Carlisle. Whilst this year’s change is seen as a temporary measure, Telford's is seeking views on amending the service once the road closure ends. Their thoughts include no longer not serving Alston or serving it on one day a week. They would also like to know whether different days of the week would make the 680 more attractive. Fortunately for our villages there is no indication that they wish to reduce the Hallbankgate to Carlisle section of the route. Until June the times on Tuesdays & Thursdays are - Heads Nook - 9.57am, Gt. Corby 10.07, Down-a-Gate 10.17, Wetheral (Greenacres) 10.24 & Aglionby 10.26 arriving in Carlisle (The Courts) 10.30am. Carlisle (The Courts) - 1.50pm, Aglionby 2.06, Wetheral (Greenacres) 2.08, Down-a-Gate 2.15, Gt. Corby 2.25, arriving in Heads Nook 2.35pm.
Times for Broadwath will be about 10.00am into Carlisle and arriving back in Broadwath about 2.30pm.

Jim Prescott